Our History

At the end of WW2, with land values starting to rise in Victoria, the need for cheaper farmland necessitated the development of bush area that was available in vast quantities and at low cost. The Goldsmith family had always had a keen interest in mechanised farming and with war surplus bulldozers and cheap fertilizers, it was now viable to enter into the development of this type of land.

In 1954 the family purchased their first new bulldozer, a Caterpillar D4 and a new Shearer majestic stump jump disc plough, which enabled them to start clearing the virgin bush land. The Goldsmith sons, Matt, Harold and Geoffrey carried out this development work and with so much of this activity happening in the area, were frequently doing contract clearing and dam sinking throughout the district.

The need arose in the late 1960’s for bigger equipment and a long association with Allis Chalmers began in 1968, when the brothers purchased a second hand HD16. With the bigger machine, work was contracted further afield and then in May of 1970 a new HD16 was purchased. Soon after, in June, Goldsmith Bros contracting purchased their first new scraper, an Allis Chalmers 260A, which remains in the company to this day.

The scraper was soon employed on major projects and in January 1971 Goldsmith Bros were delivering 100,000 yds of selected clay filling to the core of the Lake Hovell dam on the King River. Interestingly, this was a 10,000 acre foot dam being built for farmers in the King River valley to irrigate tobacco crops.

Ten years on in 1981, the company had by now been taken over by Geoff and evolved as G Goldsmith Constructions. Over the ensuing 1980’s period, the company carried out many civil projects and gained experience in civil construction and road works as well as maintaining a presence in bulk earthworks, which was always a core activity. In 1989 Geoff’s nephew Stuart Curtis joined him as an operator and has become integral in the company, where today he now oversees plant operational activity of the business.

Following this, Geoff’s son Cameron joined the business in 1993 and became the driving force in expanding and developing all aspects of the business into what it is today.

– Geoff Goldsmith


Goldsmith’s first appearance in the media, as Goldsmith Bros, in an article appearing in The Journal, a local Dandenong paper, dated Thursday July 23 1970.

Matt Goldsmith seen on the left takes delivery of the new scraper from Tutt Bryant sales rep Alan Vickery.
Geoff Goldsmith is seen working the 260 on a CRB road construction project at Gelantippi in eastern Victoria .