205W Sludge Drying Pan Refurbishment

205W Sludge Drying Pan Refurbishment

Location: Western Treatment Plant, Werribee, VIC
Client: Melbourne Water
Start: January 2014
End: August 2015
Value: $23.3m

The Details

The project required the refurbishment of 16 2ha sludge drying pans in order to upgrade the treatment capacity of the plant. At the peak of works Goldsmith managed the site with over 70 staff including concrete, drainage and electrical subcontractors, working across 12 concurrent work fronts.

Construction activities included:

  • 340,000m3 earthworks
  • 70,000m3 of imported clay placement
  • 34ha of geotextile installation
  • 226,000t of cement treated crushed rock placement
  • 32,000t of crushed rock road construction
  • 6km of new HDPE pipelines up to DN600
  • 3km of new MSCL pipelines up to DN300
  • 48 new concrete inlet and outlet structures complete with actuated valves and penstocks
  • Electrical components including flowmeters, PLC interfaces, power supplies, switchboards, power supply upgrades, telemetry interfaces and a pump station upgrade