DTP Site Rehabilitation

Location: Greens Road, Dandenong, VIC
Client: Melbourne Water
Value: $12m

The Details

Goldsmith delivered this large-scale site rehabilitation project involving demolition of structures, removal of contaminated sludge and water management with Melbourne Water in an open contract relationship environment. The objective was to remediate the existing sewerage treatment plant so that the 190Ha site could be sold and redeveloped by Vic Urban.
The project consisted of Goldsmith undertaking the following activities:

  • development and approval of site environmental management plan
  • excavation and placement of over 600,000 m3 of contaminated sludge’s and waste (including asbestos) to stockpile
  • material tracking the excavated contaminated soils
  • validity testing of remediated areas
  • demolition of concrete and steel structures
  • removal of asbestos
  • design and installation of water management system to control water runoff into and from the site through use of irrigation and pumping systems

The biggest benefit to the client was the net result of all activities undertaken by Goldsmith, which enabled the works to be completed on budget and six months ahead of schedule. These activities included the following:

  • removal of contaminated soils and sludge as one unit material rather than separate items. This saved time and cost and also reduced the amount of testing required.
  • using existing start surface survey rather than resurveying entire 190Ha site providing cost saving
  • eliminating the majority of the dewatering pumps and systems by using water for dust suppression, providing a cost saving
  • purchasing second-hand site buildings rather than hiring, providing a cost saving
  • implementing boom gate and swipe card system providing greater environmental control, site security and payroll information
  • reusing all concrete from demolished structures by crushing and paving haul roads, providing a cost saving
  • prioritising remediation works to bring forward on the program the most important site areas, which provided time savings
  • developing a solution to drying wet sludge by using paddocks as drying areas
  • working with Melbourne Water’s Geotechnical Engineers to design and construct an alternative solution to dewatering the site
  • developing a solution for locating underground pipes when electronic method was considered unsuccessful
  • initiating aeration of odorous soil in existing lagoon floor rather than excavation and removal of material