Murray Goulburn Early Works

Location: Leongatha, VIC
Client: Murray Goulburn Co-Operative Ltd
Value: $12.2m

The Details

The Murray Goulburn Early Works comprised of the construction of wetland, creek diversion, structural fill and drainage works. It involved:

  • construction of an extensive draining network comprising 1200m of reinforced concrete pipe (up to 1050mm dia.)
  • two twin cell box culverts (2700 x 1500mm) with cast in-situ end walls
  • 66,000m3 of excavation and placement of 93,000m3 of structural fill
  • construction of a 5.6m high soldier pile and sprayed concrete reinforced retaining wall with 250kN permanent ground anchors
  • construction of an industrial pavement and concrete road. This required construction of 6,900m2 of industrial pavement over very poor subgrade

Goldsmith worked closely with the designers and suppliers and carried out a number of trials to deliver the complex rigid pavment structure to meet specified requirements. The project also involved reconstructing part of the intersection of Rifle Range Road and Yarragon Road (A VicRoads Road). Goldsmith were responsible for ensuring council and VicRoads requirements were met including a Traffic Management Plan and Memorandum on consent.

The class 3 crushed rock for this project was sourced from Goldsmith’s Fish Creek Quarry, which enabled greater control over the supply chain, efficiencies and cost savings that were effectively passed on to the client through very competitive construction rates.