Where technical expertise matters

Goldsmith’s staff have the technical experience to seamlessly deliver site remediation and rehabilitation projects.


  • Hazardous soil testing and classification to EPA standards
  • Demolition, removal, acceptance and disposal of asbestos contaminated materials
  • Excavation, treatment, transport and disposal of hazardous soils, bush fire waste and solid inert/putrescible wastes
  • Construction of clay and geosynthetic lined containment cells and caps to EPA standards



Goldsmith was engaged under emergency conditions to assist with the clean-up of Parkwood Recycling Estate following an uncontrolled fire within the stockpiled waste material. Acting on very short notice, Goldsmith provided heavy equipment, operators, supervision and engineering support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to assist the fire department and other contractors to put out the fire in the waste material.

Goldsmith then relocated the material to the neighbouring West Belconnen Resource Management Centre, where our equipment spread and soaked the material, before relocating and placing it in its final location within the landfill cell.


Goldsmith was engaged by the East Gippsland Shire Council to assist with the clean up following the East Gippsland Bush Fires of 2020.

Goldsmith reopened the Orbost landfill to facilitate acceptance and disposal of asbestos contaminated demolition and bushfire waste as well as provided haulage and concrete crushing services to assist with the clean up.


Following on from Goldsmith’s successful completion of the Dandenong Treatment Plant Remediation project, Goldsmith was engaged by Melbourne Water to undertake the next phase of the project, which included the construction of a Capped and Lined Mound (CALM) for the 600,000m3 of contaminated material stockpiled during the remediation project.

The CALM design incorporates a compacted clay and LLDPE base liner and a compacted clay and LLDPE membrane for the cap. It consists of 6 Cells, totaling 87,000m2 in area at the base and 89,000m2 of geomembrane in the cap.


Goldsmith has been engaged by the ACT Government since 2011 to operate the West Belconnen Resource Management Centre. This contract includes the acceptance and disposal of asbestos contaminated demolition waste, clean fill soils and construction of new landfill cells.

As part of the works, Goldsmith played an integral part in the remediation of the asbestos contaminated ‘Mr Fluffy’ houses in Canberra from 2016 to 2019 with the West Belconnen site receiving all of the demolition waste generated from this campaign.


Goldsmith delivered this large-scale site rehabilitation project involving demolition of structures, removal of contaminated sludge and water management with Melbourne Water in an open contract relationship environment. Remediation of the 190ha Dandenong Treatment Plant included:

  • Excavation and placement of over 600,000 m3 of contaminated sludge and waste (including asbestos) to stockpile
  • Demolition of concrete and steel structures including removal of asbestos
  • Design and construction of water management systems to control water runoff into and from the site through use of irrigation and pumping systems