Civil Construction Solutions

Goldsmith has been delivering quality civil projects throughout South Eastern Australia for more than 60 years. Our core earthmoving function enables our success in constructing wetlands and waterways, water treatment and storage, landfill cells, caps and operations, site remediation, civil and road projects.


  • Bulk and detailed earthworks including compacted clay liners, soil treatment, import and offsite disposal
  • GCL, HDPE, LLDPE, geocomposite and geotextile layers
  • MSCL, DICL, HDPE, and uPVC pressure pipelines
  • Gravity pipelines, culverts, pits, headwalls and penstocks
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Pump stations, power supplies, PLC interfaces, flow meters, switchboards and telemetry interfaces
  • Subgrade improvement and flexible pavements


Goldsmith's large earthmoving fleet is also available for wet and dry hire

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