Civil Construction Solutions

Goldsmith delivers quality civil and environmental projects throughout Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Our DNA of plant, equipment and people enables our team can undertake a wide range of projects: earthworks, remediation, civil & roads, waterways, wastewater, landfill & waste management.


  • Bulk and detailed earthworks including compacted clay liners, soil treatment, import and offsite disposal including contaminated soils
  • Basements and retaining walls including concrete, formwork, piling, shotcrete
  • GCL, HDPE, LLDPE, geocomposite and geotextile layers
  • MSCL, DICL, HDPE, and uPVC pressure pipelines
  • Gravity pipelines, culverts, pits, headwalls and penstocks
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Pump stations, power supplies, PLC interfaces, flow meters, switchboards and telemetry interfaces
  • Subgrade improvement, flexible and rigid pavements


Goldsmith's large earthmoving fleet is also available for wet and dry hire

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